Acasa Actualitate-InternaPolitica interna Şcolarizarea copiilor preşedintelui Senatului este plătită de socru şi de mama acestuia

Şcolarizarea copiilor preşedintelui Senatului este plătită de socru şi de mama acestuia

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Taxele de şcolarizare ale copiilor lui Mircea Geoană sunt plătite de socrul şi mama preşedintelui Senatului. Şcolarizarea fiului liderului PSD, de 18.605 euro, a fost asigurată de socrul acestuia. Potrivit declaraţiei de averere a lui Mircea Geoană, postată pe siteul Senatului, cheltuielile cu educaţia fiicei, de 18.800 euro, sunt suportate de mama sa.

Geoană are conturi în străinătate, la Morgan Stanley USA 105.973 dolari, şi la Citibank USA, 76.377 dolari, başca 173.000 lei în alte conturi.

Cu câţiva ani în urmă, ştirea că şcolarizarea unuia dintre fii lui Adrian Năstase, rival recunoscut al lui Mircea Geoană în interiorul PSD, este plătită de soacra acestuia a făcut deliciul presei.

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oblioo 20-03-2010 - 21:46

The global elite needed someone that was willing to privatize state assets and sell out the entire National Wealth of the nation for pennies.

Ferenc Gyurcsany was picked for this job. He is an ex-apparatchik and a full blown psychopath, the kind of character the elite needed for the locality called Hungary. Ferenc Gyurcsany had been socialized during the communist era and was ready to serve his new masters faithfully. He spoke the language of the masses, especially the retirees and indeed, the dumb down masses voted his party into power two times.

Today, as a result of the disastrous policy of the Socialist-Liberal coalition, the country is on the edge of bankruptcy. People are indebted, loosing their jobs and homes in an alarming rate. The loss of living standards and the ever increasing gypsy crime (which is by the way tacitly supported by the very same government by using double standards) are upsetting an increasing number of people; this policy of the government is testing the patience even the staunchest supporters of the socialist party. As a result, the masses are awakening. The awakening clearly showed in the shift in voters’ behavior during the EP election.

The EP election brought unprecedented breakthrough for Jobbik, the only party having a real cure for the ills of the nation; it managed to win three seats in the European Parliament.

oblioo 20-03-2010 - 21:49

The other likely scenario is that won’t be early election and the government will finish its mandate. Police might schedule a trial for the spring, in order to divert attention from the economic problems of the country by hammering the dangers of terrorism.

The hope is that by the help of the agenda driven mainstream media, people can be confused and manipulated enough to vote for the Socialists.

If this scenario wins out at the end, the result will be the exact opposite what the regime is hoping for. This strategy will drive more people into the arms of the opposition, the same way as the crackdown on the Hungarian Guard boosted the popularity of Jobbik.

You cannot fool people for ever.

The above scenario is likely because the puppet regime still has obligations towards its global masters. There are still state assets to be sold out.

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